When it comes to improving your eyelashes, most people opt for a good mascara and think that's all they need. But there is a better way! If you want long, luscious lashes you need to start putting effort in with our LASH MAGIC SERUM. Here are 5 reasons why you should be using an eyelash serum. 

1. Eyelash growth serums are safe to use on the delicate tissues along the lash line. We have also formulated the product to work well along side eyelash extension to help maintain healthy lashes and better retention. 

2. Our formula is gentle enough for sensitive skin, yet powerful enough to deliver results in just 4 weeks!

3. You can get long, fuller and thicker eyelashes with our eyelash growth serum without using harsh chemicals as our natural formula is made from certified organic oils and botanicals that have been proven safe for your eyes and lashes.

4. Our advanced formula contains amino acids like L-Isoleucine which help stimulate circulation around follicles to fill in patchy brows and lash lines so they look lush and healthy!

5. In addition to providing nutrients which promote new growth, this amazing formula also contains arginine which helps strengthen your lashes so they're less brittle and will be healthier than ever.


July 04, 2022 — Krystina Sdoeung